Principle of fan adjustable nozzle

The fan-shaped adjustable nozzle is a cylindrical liquid stream that impacts the deflector plate outside the nozzle, deflecting it to form a fan-shaped jet, creating a jet with high impact and neat edges. The wide angle fan spray shape produces a medium pulse, uniform distribution of liquid mist and medium droplet size. Deflection angle CC fan nozzles are round nozzles with large, smooth channels that minimize clogging.

The fan adjustable nozzle has a narrow angle fan spray shape with high impact, uniform liquid distribution, small droplet size, and a narrow nozzle orifice shape with clear edges. This type of nozzle is an integral design using an outer pipe threaded connection. Large and unobstructed channels minimize congestion. The deflector surface produced by fine machining technology provides a uniform and high-impact spray shape. Fog particles are small and uniform. They can produce wide angles. Blower-adjustable nozzles with medium impact have rounded tips and large, smooth flow paths that minimize clogging. The inlet and outlet directions are deflected by 75 degrees. The "edge effect" of the nozzle is very weak and the spray shape is very uniform. The nozzles are suitable for gentle rinsing, not for flushing.

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