The third central (Jiangxi) agricultural machinery and parts exhibition will be opened on the 24th

In order to promote new machinery and new technologies, accelerate the construction of agricultural province, by the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Nanchang City People's Government co-sponsored by the Nanchang Agricultural and Rural Affairs Bureau, Nanchang County People's Government to undertake the third session of the 2023 Central (Jiangxi) Agricultural Machinery and Components Exhibition will be held on February 24, 2023 -26 days in Jiangxi Province Agricultural Machinery Market (Fushan five road 168).

Central (Jiangxi) Agricultural Machinery and Components Exhibition, as the central region of the new year the beginning of the scale and strength of the industry exhibition, held every year in the spring preparation for plowing, widely concerned about the industry, has become the epitome of the development of the industry and the wind vane, and has become an important platform for farmers to choose and buy machines. According to statistics, 2022 held NO.2 session of the central (Jiangxi) Agricultural Machinery and Parts Exhibition signed a total of nearly 5,000 sets of various types of agricultural machinery and equipment and accessories (sets), a total amount of about 270 million yuan, the scene to watch the exhibition of more than 15,000 people, more than 600,000 people online to watch the exhibition.

It is reported that the current agricultural machinery exhibition will show high specifications, large scale, wide range, activities and other characteristics, can be said to be full of attractions. The entire agricultural machinery exhibition exhibitors nearly 200 brands of agricultural machinery, nearly 1,000 kinds of products, both grain and oil cultivation, planting, pipe harvesting and drying of the whole chain of operation machinery, but also cash crops before and after the use of machinery and facilities and equipment, vegetables throughout the mechanization area, as well as imported agricultural machinery and new agricultural research and innovation results. Farmers can not only buy machines on site, but also on-site for the purchase of agricultural machinery and application of subsidies, the need for loans for part of the machine, but also on-site for loans and interest subsidies. In order to further meet the needs of spring agricultural production, but also ad hoc brand agricultural area (substrate, seedling tray, pesticides, seeds, fertilizers).

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