2023 China (Wuhan) International Agricultural Machinery Expo is on fire!

2023 China (Wuhan) International Agricultural Machinery Expo is a regular meeting of China's agricultural machinery industry, which is held regularly in Wuhan every year. After years of development, Wuhan Agricultural Machinery Expo has become an important communication and trade platform for China's agricultural machinery industry. Each exhibition is held in the industry has caused strong repercussions, by the community has been well received. The upcoming April 27-28, 2023 China (Wuhan) International Agricultural Machinery Expo heat continues to rise, we will also go all out to create a national region of the agricultural machinery industry annual event! 

Measuring the motherland with feet and inviting professional agricultural machinery buyers with heart, 2023 China (Wuhan) International Agricultural Machinery Expo is in full swing! . The Year of the Tiger is gone, the spring breeze is warm, and the Year of the Rabbit is coming at first. The Spring Festival has just ended and our partners quickly put into battle, on February 10th, in order to speed up the pace of the exhibition information to tell more target customers, dealers and stores to attract more professional visitors for the exhibition.  Many dealers and stores said they would like to attend the exhibition to get in touch with more industry content and take the opportunity to develop new business and resources. At the same time, we are also contacting and inviting more agricultural demonstration parks, cooperatives, and upstream and downstream related enterprises to participate in the exhibition, so as to make this professional agricultural machinery exhibition based in Wuhan and facing the whole country bigger and better platform for the exhibitors!

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