Sprayers come in both metal and plastic nozzles, which atomizes better?

Sprayer is an important tool for farmers to planting, mainly used to spray a variety of pesticides, and in the use of sprayer when the atomization effect of the nozzle is an important indicator of the test sprayer is good or bad, the better the atomization of the sprayer, the smaller the droplets sprayed, sprayed on the crops will be more uniform, no matter whether it is insecticidal or sterilizable, the effect will be a little better. In the course of the development of the sprayer there are two types of nozzles, one is metal, one is plastic, in the end, that kind of sprayer nozzle effect is better?

Agricultural sprayer spraying pesticides, copper spray nozzle and plastic spray nozzle which atomization is good? Personally, I think that the two spray nozzle atomization are good, there is no difference, the size of the fog quality, near and far, thick and thin can be adjusted by the nozzle, with copper nozzle and plastic nozzle basically headless, just that the copper nozzle than the plastic nozzle price is a little higher, we all have their own advantages and disadvantages.

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