What are the characteristics of stainless steel industrial nozzles

1. High-pressure micro-atomizing nozzle: High-pressure micro-atomizing nozzle consists of brass stainless steel body, stainless steel nozzle core and stainless steel guide vane, and is equipped with anti-dripping device. It is mainly through the 3kg-120kg pressure of the liquid high-speed flow, the formation of centrifugal vortex in the guide vane, and from the nozzle spraying a very fine mist particles. High-pressure micro-atomizing nozzle compared with air humidification, the manufacturing cost is more than 10 times higher, no need for air-assisted, the system equipment is simple, fine spray particles, good effect, no clogging, no leakage, internal spinning automatic cleaning, stainless steel spray. Using advanced forging and stamping process treatment, nozzle life long. High-pressure micro-atomizing nozzle is mainly used for plant humidification, salt spray test, artificial spray and other humidification places.

2.Second step. Multi-head wide-angle atomizing nozzle: Multi-head wide-angle atomizing nozzle consists of main nozzle body and 4-7 detachable nozzles. Each nozzle has an inner core or blade, which is easy to disassemble and clean; it can produce a very fine atomization effect; the droplet size can be controlled by different nozzles; Multi-nozzle wide-angle atomizing nozzles are mainly used for dust removal, fire fighting, flue gas scrubbing or cooling, and water tanks C tendency.

3. Pressure atomizing nozzle: pressure atomizing nozzle mainly through the high-pressure liquid from the nozzle jet high-speed air. Due to the different structure of the nozzle, the corresponding atomization process is different.

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