Importance of natural environment protection

As mankind develops its society, the natural environment has been damaged. Many plants and animals have been ruthlessly cut down, natural resources have been abused, and air and water have been polluted, leaving the natural environment in a dangerous condition. Therefore, the conservation of natural environment becomes more and more important to avoid more destruction.

I. Conserve Resources

First of all, people should conserve natural resources. Many natural resources are limited, and if they are not protected and conserved, they can easily be wasted, especially in developing countries where the waste of natural resources is more serious. Therefore, saving natural resources, especially renewable resources, such as water and electricity, should be emphasized. In addition, saving resources should be taken as a habit of life, such as saving water and electricity, and starting from the basic small things to save resources.

Second, Reduce Pollution

Secondly, people should reduce pollution. Considering the damage pollution does to the natural environment, strict measures should be taken to reduce pollution, such as the government banning the use of polluting chemicals and adopting more effective pollution control measures. In addition, individuals should also consciously abide by the norms of life to reduce pollution to the environment, such as not littering and not throwing wastewater indiscriminately.

Emphasize nature conservation

Furthermore, nature conservation should be emphasized, especially the protection of endangered plants and animals. The number of endangered species is declining and may become extinct if effective measures are not taken, so effective measures should be taken to strengthen protection. In addition to this, there is a need to establish some nature reserves so that plants and animals can have a good environment and activities such as logging and mining will no longer be carried out outside these reserves.

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